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Part numbers - please help! Clio 172

  ph1 172 Excl, Cossie
I am after some side skirt fixings as I noticed while poking about that some have seen better days!

I am looking for part number for the the horizontal sill fixings ( i think there are 5 or 6 of them? and one larger fixing inside the front arch (facing backwards naturally).

Could anyone help me please? Renault cant help me much!

Would really really appreciate your help!


  A special one.
The one's along the bottom of the sills are big headed pop rivets.

The one at the front of the sill is a screw.

Adam at Wolverhampton Renault who is a trader on here will sort you out.

Send him a pm.
  ph1 172 Excl, Cossie
Hi Dude,

Yes, those are the ones I mean fella.

Oh is it, I should have looked at the other side, but it was getting dark!

There is a big hole in the pastics for that to go through!

Adam replied. Within a minute. Blooy impressive. What a legend