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Passed the TEST!

  Clio sport 182
Well I past my Test 2nd time with 2 Minors finally... I have a 1.2 8V clio its very sluggish but its all that I can affored on insurance atm. I'm a Mechanic for An Aston Martin garage so I'm hoping to get to know you all and help about in the Technical department..

Anyway I know that I don't fit in with the SPORT part of the forum but hopfully someone can give me some Ideas what I could do to smarten it up..

It's currently on Black Steelies at Stock condition with 51,000 on the clock. So ideas would be much appriciated not to much botherd on Performance as its only a 1.2 8V.

- Arron
2 minors ? I passed mine with like 13 minors (1 less than a fail) week and a half crash course ftw. Well done.
  Stripped yozza'd cup
Welcome buddy!

Best things for the 1.2's are body colouring, sport wheels and cheapy coilovers....

Low'n'slow ftw!

Ps. First time 4 minors :) one of which was for taking racing lines down a country lane. (all on the right side of the road obviously) :cool:
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  RS Clio 172
I passed 2nd time with 2 minors :)

Welcome to the club.

I wouldn't bother with much on the car for now. Just stick with it and upgrade in a year or two.
  Clio sport 182
Thanks I'll take some pics of my motor and I'll take upload some of the Aston Martin when I get time to dark for mine atm... I work in a Garage that Specialise in Aston's so I have a few pics od DB7's V12 vantages and DB9 v8s :)..
  Mk5 golf gti
2 minors first time for me :)

well done, and nice at working for Aston. stick that one out
  mx5 & 172
1st time, one minor short of a fail - for driving too slowly :eek:

anyways, well done - try not to park it in somebody's living room
  Black Clio 182
Leave it standard and save up money to buy a better car once you have some NCB and driving experience
  Clio sport 182
Well, sorry I have not been online for a while I may just Color code tint windows and add some alloys till I save up and get a diffrent car... Maybee a Black 1.2 16V Clio then start the Mods ;) Dont think my 8V is worth it will give it a wash when its not as windy and put some pics up :) And its no black steels atm as i lost a wheel trim :(
  Clio sport 182
I'm thinking of color coding tint windows and put some alloys till I can affored a new Black 1.2 16V clio I think... I'll put some pics up once I've washed it its abit windy atm Its on steels as well as I lost a wheel trim xD