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Passenger door rattling sound

  Clio IV Grandtour
Hello. I'm the owner of a Left - Hand Drive Mk4 Clio Grandtour from 2014. I noticed a vibrating sound coming from the passenger door (metallic, rattling sound) when the engine sits between 1500-2000 RPMs, then after 2000 RPMs it is no longer present. I opened the door trim and there's nothing vibrating there, it does the same vibration sound even with the trim off. What I noticed though is if the passenger door is open the sounds is no longer present, which makes me think that somehow the engine vibrations make something in the door rattle when the door is closed. Does anyone know where it might come from? Thanks in advance


ClioSport Club Member
  A Yellow One
If it helps I put dyno mat (self adhesive sound deadening) inside all the doors to help those niggly rattles…
Other than that I can’t really help much. Sorry!