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Paul J, GOing backwards in a focus rs!

  FF 182, K5 GSX-R1000
lol, That was a fookin laugh, similar result when i went against the Focus in 182, away on launch but once in third reeled in, tho i got passed as the road was much longer.

I soooo thought we were gonna be dragging you out of a wreck on that roundabout but fair play you held it.


ClioSport Club Member
lol.........street and glastonbury has turned into a race circuit......

they are gonna start talking about you 2 soon aswell the amount you keep seeing eachother
  FF 182, K5 GSX-R1000
Oh Neil, dont get jelous, we may pop over to the wrong side of the Tor sometime, have a little Clio Ménage à trois lol
  FF 182, K5 GSX-R1000
Will have to sort somin then, will ask Si but dunno, all he'll wanna do is race lol.

And lol at seeing you again last nite!