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pc build information

  Inferno 182FF
hi there i have stripped down and rebuilt pc's before but it was always using the original components

i am looking to build a pc of my own i have a case in mind which is this:

i know what i am loking for i think just want some help with the best products for me:
ssd to run my OS and programs
a HDD around 750gb should not need more than this

i am looking for about 8gb or ram as i run vitual machines for university work and need the power to help this
and an i7

thanks or the help in advance
SSD - Crucial M4 - 128gb or 256gb - Can't be beaten for realibility.
HDD - Samsung Spinpoint are my favourites, again never had a problem compared to others and regarded as one of the fastest (ignoring the WD Raptors).

I'll do a spec in a sec, do you have a budget? Also if you're running alot of VM's then 8gb is less than ideal.

Also no mention of graphics card, interesting in gaming or budget?

Oh and if you want a load of advice and a ton of different specs, get on to the forum, go to General discussion and write a "spec me" thread, and you'll get 5+ replies of specs and advice :)
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  Inferno 182FF
i do run quite a few vm's what should i go for and budget well not particularly huge prob have about 1000 ish i am a playstation gamer and cant see me switching really!
Just built one myself.

i5 i3570k
ASRock Z77 Extreme 4
OCZ ZT 550w
OCZ Agility 3 128GB
8GB Corsair XMS3 1600Mhz

It's all up and running, runs like a dream. I do wish i bought an M4 and not the Agility, but it was such a bargain. Just hope i have no problems with it. The i5 and Extreme4 seem to go well together, will be trying to hit 4.5 - 5Ghz when i get some free time.
  Not a 320d
Ive got an M4 :) So much difference even running on sata 2.

try push for a tad extra ram if you can. 8 gb is fine........for now.
  Inferno 182FF
sweet i think i will go for 16gb of ram then i may aswell i rarely run about 5 or more so this should be good for me! i will aim at sorting it soon ish

thanks for the help