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PC Constantly Restarting

  The Beast MK4
This is occuring in a lab in the college in which I work. The said PC is on Windows 2000 and getting halfway through the loading stage when its cutting out and restarting. It isn't recognizing the Win 2000 CD when im attempting a repair and the settings in the BIO's seem to be in order. I'll be missing something though lol

Any ideas before I blitz and redo it?
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Sounds corrupted to me, however sometimes this can point to RAM failure aswell, does the memcheck look ok when you first boot ?

Also, try booting into safe mode, if that doesnt work, format it!
maybe overheating take the side of an gently hover the dust out of the heatsink and processor fan and also check the fan is working as well
  The Beast MK4
It gets past the memcheck fine, safe mode isn't available either so something is really fooked. Ive checked the fan Lawson, everything appears to be in order with it too.
Not got time to muck about so ive started the ghost now. Aparently it has been happening on a number of the older PC's in another department so it would be interesting to find out what was going wrong.