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PE2 or PE2 XL?

  not a clio anymore
After 4 sets of GSD3's, I quite fancy trying the PE2's. I have had a quick look through the various thread but could not find the answer.
There are 2 models of PE2, a "normal" one and an XL one. Which one is the one that is normally fitted to the clios?
(I know I have the XL for the GSD3s)

  titanic killer
the xl is for 'extra load' ment to be stiffer side walls,but i would just go for the normals ones tbh
  Golf GT & A4 Avant
IIRC the cup pack options on the 182 included PE2's with stiffened side walls over the standard PE2's fitted to non cup packed 182's. But then heard that they stopped producing 2 different types?