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Performance GTI

Got my Performance GTI monthly mag edition and Did any read up on the section where they were testing renualts bhp ?

can someone please explain to me why did more than 4 Clio 172 only could push out at max 150bhp and one poor guy recorded 130, the clio 16v and williams where pulling more brake. Obviously there is something weird going on so can someone explain this.

Clio 172?????? or is it Clio 150, or drastically they could of called it the Clio 130
  Skoda Fabia vRS

all the figures are at the wheels mate

and most of the other cars were roughly what we expected with the odd surprise

when it came to the 172s though the power was all over the place, each and every one seemed to vary in power by quite a margin in some cases

yeah its a bit of a piss take if the power figures are out..were the cars modded? A lot of aftermarket exhausts etc will actually give you worse figures...lets hope it was a crap rolling road.

So was the 172 representing 172 ps or bhp?
  TT 225

Hey Rob! You talk a lot of sh*t dont ya m8? LOL

If the car was modded its in the mag. This was not a crap rolling road, but one of the most reliable ones in the UK. None of this Max Power made up figures to make you feel better. All figures ran at the wheels so no guestimate fly wheel figures (anyone know the estimated percentage loss of power through the transmission?)

Oh, and why do aftermarket exhausts give worse figures? By all means post your opinion, but please back up your claims or no-one learns anything.

Kelly, looking at the modded 172s it would seem that adding aftermarket bits can actually loose power on a highly tuned engine - the only 172s that gave the best figures at the wheels were the two unmodded ones!

Oh and sticking a performance exhaust on will loose you power least somewhere along the power/Torque curve - u wont see instant increases everywhere across the range - its a compromise at the end of the day! Top speed vs low down power u cant have both - one or the other will ultimately suffer by modding a car - the clio cup racers are tuned with straight through exhausts and 6 speed box to reach 100 in a little over 10 secs but theyll top out shortly after same as rally cars - 0-60 in about 3 secs but top end is pants coz they dont need it!



thats what i would like

no more than 110mph top end

mental 0-60 and 0-100 times

dont care about top end at all i just want to get to 100 as quick as poss
  TT 225

Thank you cupsize :) Dont mind the comments as long as theres a reason - now i learned something! :)
  320d M Sport

i got it!! Found it in WHS, seems to be the only place to sell it! Hello to all my Famous friends who are in it! What a write up eh?! I quote "Pay particular attention to Paddys car". Sweet, how bigheaded am i?!!:D

  williams and trophy

he he all the zorst comments are about right.

on the xr2i a janspeed zorst lost power to a standard system ALL through the rev range, whereas on the clio there are some that seem to rob power at dif times but sometimes the mental note of a £300 system makes it feel faster anyway lol
  BMW 320d Sport

yeah I just picked it up, nice to see all the Cliosport crew in there this month, looks like we almost run the magazine, every page it seemed there were people I know. Nice to see a bit of French car cameraderie developing there as well, theres no reason why we cant do more and more of this kind of interclub stuff with other Renault clubs, Peugeot and Citroen etc. Makes for a good scene I think...and I just had a crazy idea of hiring an entire ferry and doing a trip to France for all the French car clubs?

Oh and another thing I noticed...the quality of the ladies in the background of the PGTi articles shots is top notch. ;)I bet the Nova crowd cant say the same at their cruddy rolling road days.
  Clio 172 cup

Oh right nice one! think they look quite good on ya car, I was gunna get a set of lexus style jobbies for mine but after seeing some pictures of them on a 16valver (same colour as ours) thought they looked a bit unusual so cancelled my order. You have saved yourself a packet with buying your car with a quad conversion front and back I know there not cheap!
  1995 Mondeo Speed Machine

lol @ Nick, Im not sure you can hire a ferry in the same way that you can hire a car!! :D

Would be cool to get all the French cars together tho.

WHS is the only place near me that sells PGTi but if you cant find the mag in your newsagent, then subscribe instead. Im sure PGTi would be much less likely to bail out again if they know theres a definate market for it. As has been mentioned before they will keep it bi-monthly until they feel there is a big enough demand for it, well subscribing is one way of showing that there is demand.

Just my Opinion:), hopefully they can keep up the good work.


Never seen the magazine in any place near me but I would love to see th articles on the 172s as my car was in there apparently - Can anyone send me/post a scan?

  BMW 320d Sport

lol Rick, youd be surprised mate, last year when we were organising the trip to France for 30 Cliosport members, booking that many people in one go opens a lot of doors! Seriously if we had enough people I cant see any reason why we really couldnt book an entire ferry for one crossing there and one back!:D
  320d M Sport

Orlando Paul..............yep, MK2s. There was 1 mk1 with Magnex which got 150/151BHP? Think thats Marks on here????