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  Skoda Fabia vRS

right can anyone explain this ?

ive been usin Optimax now for a while, so hopefully the inside of me engine is pretty clean, anywayz

today i stuck some normal unleaded in, and for some reason my car seems faster than with optimax, is there any reason why this could be the case or is it just me imagining things

cause although it better petrol the higher octane wont really do anything for your type of engine. wont really do much for mine either, just good to know the petrols good quality
  Skoda Fabia vRS

yea i know that, i was usin Optimax to clean my engine, cos it takes about 2000 miles use to have an affect, an ive done about 5k on it now so it should have made a difference

but what im sayin is that my car feels faster with normal unleaded in ??

as in......its slower with optimax
  20VT Clio & 9-5 HOT

Weird. I was going to post the same message!!

My car has had nothing but Optimax in it for months, filled it up with normal unleaded and it seems faster.

Clean engine, then normal unleaded seams good to me.

mote. im bladdered so appologies if this doesnt make sense as im having trounble reading it myseld!!


optimax is petrol.. nothing more.

use the nearest garage of any supplier for any petrol.

the difference on a 172, for example, with 98, 97 or vanilla unleaded is not noticable on the road..

optimax dont clean any better than any other uk petrol.

another coup for the marketing teams it seems..

petrol is petrol is petrol..


Oh no... hope this isnt going to turn in to another "is optimax better than normal petrol" thread, just like the other 117 threads before
  Skoda Fabia vRS

yea i know, lets not start that guys

Joe, can you think of any reason why my car would seem faster with normal Shell 95 RON

i know my car cant adapt to the higher octane of Optimax

Lets not confuse adapt as in ignition curve / knock settings , and adapting to anything else.. the ecu will adjust the timing based on knock for a higher octane fuel.

I cannot tell the difference on a 172 with 92 octane or 98/97 octane..

and, I presume it just feels faster on yours Brun..

dunno really..


I use Optimax and other Super Unleadeds as the handbook for my 16v says to use 97/98 RON petrol. Again, I also use it becuase theres no point being an athlete and eating Tesco value sausage rolls!

No, not me - its just the most widely available super unleaded. Shell really have the Edinburgh market stitched up.

I guess Renault would recommend the higher octane stuff for reasons better than to support the oil industry! Id be quite happy to have it on good authority that its a load of cobblers as itd save me a little dosh!
  20VT Clio & 9-5 HOT

When I used it in my previous clio, after always using normal unleaded I noticed a difference in performance.
  clio 20v

i dont think theres much differance in optimax and super i cant notice a differance between them and normal unleaded, it made a diff in my mates old pug 205 gti that didnt like 95ron unleaded it ran really rough, much better with super