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Ph-Quick Aftermarket Exhausts

  Ph1 V6
When I bought my car a couple of months back it had a Powerflow exhaust on it that it has had about 4 years. It was banging a bit, then I lowered it on Apex springs and it has been banging like hell. Had a look at it and it did not follow the exhaust lin e over the rear axle as it should and had no clearance.It hangs really low and I have caught it a few timeson the centre section U-clamp and possibly the Cat which hangs real low. This has caused the centre section to blow and it sounds like sh1t.

Just took the car down to powerflow in Southampton and the guy basically said that it was the shonkiest Powerflow he had ever seen (think it was done near Hayes/ Southall in Middlesex). He said there was not much could be done to fix it because it has been really bodged and my only real option is to geta new one.

He quoted me just shy of £400 plus VAT for a Pooflow Cat back system, but to be honest I would rather an off the shelf purpose build jobby. Problem is it is not something I was really anticipating splashing out on as I am off to America in 2 weeks for three weeks, so been saving the pennies.

Its gonna need a Cat Back system- been looking at K-tec stealth. Never really seen an exhaust on a 172 I like as they all hang to low hence I am tempted on a stealth system. Anyone got pics pf their Ph-quicks with after-market exhausts? Details and cost would be appreciated. Also how have people paid to have the stealth fitted?

Cheers peeps.
  The Bus and MRT
Stealth sounds great mate, I think you just missed one in the parts forum :s

Can't say how much mine was to be fitted and it was done by a mate so was v cheap. Won't be anymore to fit than the standard one though as it's pretty similar. Splash out on an ITG panel filter as well if you're ordering and make sure you put down and your membership number when ordering for the discount... can't remember what I paid for the lot, i'll try and dig out the e-mail
Cat back, slash cut, cut into bumper - under £300!



I'm also in the Southampton area if you ever want to check it out :D
  The Bus and MRT
£352 delivered for a panel filter and K-tech stealth.... it sounds great and I didn't want to cut into the bumper thought it might look out of place but that prospeed looks great
  Ph1 V6
Cheers Jo3y. Already got a Ram Air Induction Kit on it when I bought it. Could be tempted to change to panel when I sort the damn exhaust.

Fletch- Cheers mate, she is looking ok now lowered and got the Ph2 lights on. Just sounds like sh1t which is really getting to me!

Day- liking your Prospeed mate- looks well smart. Dunno how good it would look on my Ph1 bumper tho. One of these days i will show my face at a meet! Never got round to going in my old Valver so must come in the 172. When is the next one? Anyone going to Trax?
  1.2 16v+200sx
can someone post a link to k-tec's stealth exhaust cos i cant find it on there site? and why is everyone going on about panel filters surely an induction kit is better?
  AstraVan Sportive
We have seen plenty of dodgy Powerflow jobs!

we plan to offer a Custom Exhaust service next year but it wont be Powerflow thats for sure
This is mine, was on the car when a bought it... it sounds ace. suppose it could be a little on the loud side but it sounds beutiful in my opinion... A mate says it looks like the stealth but never looked into it to be honest.
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CR2IG said:
This is mine, was on the car when a bought it... it sounds ace. suppose it could be a little on the loud side but it sounds beutiful in my opinion... A mate says it looks like the stealth but never looked into it to be honest.

the stealth is what stealth means, under the car so you cant see any part of the exhaust. nice black 172 btw.


ClioSport Club Member
Some powerflow guys are decent, some crap.

Luckily the ppowerflow place I had mine done is around the corner from Powerflow head office so they always do a decent job :)

Plus it was £200 cat back for a stealth one for my mk1, fit and finish is excellent.
looking forward to putting mine on :D ^^^ looking forward to what it sounds like*

- a exhuast i know BUT u know what i mean :rasp:
Jones said:
What the fook is a ph-quick?

here it goes again lol.

Person of here named as Fubar made a joke about ph1 172 being quicker then the ph2 172 so named the ph1 172 as ph-quick as in quicker then the other ph's. and now it has stuck as that.
Day said:
Why have I not seen him at any meets?

Get ur self along matey!
When's the next meet ? The last one i went to was the janspeed rolling road day (in fact it was the only one I've ever been to) After than the one that is on today
  Clio 172
Here is a link to the stealth exhaust

Getting mine very soon and plan to fit it myself by borrowing a couple of axle stands, could probably buy axle stands and it would still be cheaper than paying somebody to do ! Its not rocket science.

Paid full whack at £320 Delivered, didn't know CS members got a discount. Since then I have seen people doing group buys within the getting stealth exhausts for around £280
  Ph1 V6
Anybody got the K-tec 182 style dual exit exhaust on a Phase 1 bumper? Wondered what it would look like. If anyone is bored and wants to photoshop it onto a Ph-quick (preferably silver!) I would be most grateful.

Cheers peeps.