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Ph-Quick Sticky Throttle

  Ph1 V6
Put a post up about this a little while back. Basically my throttle cable sticks sometimes when I come down through the gears meaning it idles high (bout 1-2000rpm) which can be combatted by hooking the throttle pedal back up or blipping the throttle.

I have done a search on here and found various old posts from people with the same problem, but nobody seems to have posted a definite solution. Various suggestions include fraid throttle cable, tdc sensor, and throttle body problems. Took it into Simpkins Renault @ Chandlers Ford and asked but they had not heard of the problem.

Anyone had this problem and successfully solved it?
mine started to do this couple of days ago, found out it was the actual throttle sticking, bit of 3in1 oil on the srping, work it in and a couple of drops down the cable again work it in, and its solved it.
New throttle cable needed. Thats fixes the problem its a fault and Renault released a technical note about it.
This has happened to me once just the other day when i first started the car i fort it was going mental couldn't work out y so i dipped the throttle a bit and let it up and it went bak to being normal


ClioSport Club Member
happens to me as well, I can fix it by just sideways tapping the accel pedal, so not even really pressing it at all. Guessing that's a new cable then :(
IMO the standard throttle body and cable (mk1 172) set up is a poor design.

If a car starts to rev up first check to see that the throttle body is going back fully to the idle position. If its not it will most likely be a fraid cable or knackered throttle body spring.

Other causes can be dirty ICV, leaky gasket or sometimes poor fueling / set up

I had a fraid cable a while back, replaced it and the thing was still reving up !! I eventually found out the spring on the TB had become baggy due to age so bought a new TB and it cured it
It happened to mine a few months back.

The Cause:

Sticking throttle cable, mine had rusted inside its casing, therefore causing it to rub and stick in a certain place.

The SOlution:

Mike @ Rentech sorted mine with a new Cable and housing.... He got a non gen one for much cheaper than the Renault one, and its better quality too :)
  Tangoed Works
Cant you put like a ptfe sleeve in there like high end mountain bike deraileur shifter cable.
  BMW E46 330i Touring
Ah right, so not much. Might wait til I have more funds and combine this with some other bits and pieces...