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PH1 RS Sterring wheel - like new for free!


i found this out today, and thought i would post :)

if like me your steering wheel is wearing badly and looks a mess there is an easyish solution to make it like new, for free!

i bought a second hand wheel of ebay that was totally trashed to see if i could refurb it, anyhow whilst peeling of the leather that is all marked, under neath i was pleased to find a perfect condition, rubber nice feel (just like before) blue steering wheel!!

so instead of replacing the leather, i just took it off, and volia, a brand new blue RS steering wheel for free

bad bits is its not leather, but then the old one had that rubber coating so its win win!



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my mates mini is the same, started pealing so we just pulled all the knackered bits off and it looks alright now haha
is this the same as the Ph2 wheel?
i'd thought about trying this as well, but it's a bit of a leap of faith

interested in the pics; not sure about the sound of the colour though
cool! looks a damn site better than having a fked whhel or a stupid cover on like mine at the momment!

So you just cut the stitching on the leather?? is there glue underneath???
yep, you just cut the stiching and it peels off, there is a teeny bit of glue underneath that you can easily rub off

you just need to be carefully with the bit at the bottom of the wheel, as i wanted to leave it in place :)

I thankyou!

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yeah all ph1 wheels are like this, i didnt like it though, thats why my ph1 wheel is for sale lol
Just done this and yes the bottom part of the wheel is a bit tricky but turned out ok.

Its not slipery at all to be honest as it is rubber. (looks pretty plastiky in the pics)

My one problem now is getting rid of the glue. Have tried white spirit and its not shifting it.

The wheel feels slightly thin now but all in all its far far better than having a wrecked wheel or a cover.

Cheers for the tip!!
:) glad that everyones happy

the glue on mine i just keep it rubbing it hard with my hand and it came off, i used some meguairs all purpose cleaner for some parts and just rubbed it hard!