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Ph1 Silver 172 - Leeds (Kirkstall)

  AG 200
Flashed me just crossing kirstall hill, so I naturally repaid the compliment.
Saw you last week too but that was at the last minute so I probably looked ignorant. :eek:
  Titanium 182
It's me dude :rasp: I sold the 182.

You're a lucky b*****d getting that AG !

I saw you last week too and assumed you thought I was just driving a poverty spec clio. Inferior obviously ! :(
  AG 200
Ahhh thats why I aint seen a black 182 on the way home.

Ph1 172 aint poverty spec mate its old skool RS, I like them! nearly got wiped out by some old guy in a rover about 300 yards down the road , they obviously could not see the green car!
  AG 200
Traded it in with Renault Chester for the AG FF200 with Cup chassis and a few other options. Loving it so far, gets a hell of a lot of attention.....all good so far. (Touch wood)
  Titanium 182
Recaros ?

I'm unspeakably jealous :rasp: Think I figured out where you work too, near mcdonalds at the bottom of butcher hill ?
  AG 200
No , I did not go for the Recaros, far too many stories of frayed bolsters for me which dont get changed by RUK. Bad design in my book and nowhere near as good as they should have been. I thought the standard seats in the 197 were great and the 200 are top notch too.

Yup, I work near the McDonalds, just a few hundred yards further down the road.

*I use the term work loosely*