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PH1 Titanium Detail

Well got the old Track Sl*g detailed for FCS next weekend.

No during pics only afters!!

Snow Foamed
Washed 2BM with dodo juice supernatural
Wheels with Bilberry 4:1
Clayed with dodo juice born slippery clay lube and supernatural clay
Trim etc with Daisy APC 4:1 and detailing brush
Washed again 2BM with dodo juice supernatural
Polished with good old SRP
Waxed with Colly 476S
Windows with Autoglym Fast Glass
Plastic with Autoglym Bumper care
Tyre's with Megs Endurance

Also painted my calipers black.

Didn't do anything with the wheels as they are in dire need of a refurb but funds wont allow that till after FCS.





Had some rain overnight so got a couple of beading shots, these are off my iPhone not my DSLR.



Project Thread -
  225 meg
I'm absolutly hopeless when it comes to things like detailing still cant get my head around all the processes lol
just simple hand washes for me :(
Haha cheers guys!

Cupar splitter will be staying for the time being! I think it's a little different and aggressive!

Haha plate is horrendous!! Hate it, I've got a private one to put on it but all the money ha been spent on mods/maintenance so not on yet :(
  LY 220 Trophy+IB PH1
Loving the subtle touches you have made mate, I really need to invest in some silver bullets and side strips - set's the alloys off nicely.