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Focus RS


ClioSport Club Member
As I am stuck in decided to spend a couple of days on my car.
Day one
involved removing winter wheels cleaning arch’s with Gtechniq W5 APC, painting mudflap bracket as the paint had chipped, fit new discs and pads on front (did rears a couple of months ago) paint discs, give everything I could get to a coat of ACF50 then fit my summer wheels with brand new Pilot sport 4s tyres, the wheels had already had a coat of Gtechniq C5 wheel sealant and dodo juice wax a few days before.
Engine bay was a bit dirty from winter so went over that with Gtechniq W5 and Autofinesse Revive.

Day two
This was the cleaning part washed the car then went over with some Gtechniq W6 fallout remover (worse smelling fallout remover I have ever used lol), wash again then detar with Autofinesse oblitarate, wash off then go round the nooks and crannies with some Gtechniq W5 with a detailing brush then a snow foam and dry.

Day three
Couldn’t be bothered getting the machine polisher out and the paint is in good condition anyway so just straight in with autoglym SRP, then a coat of Autoglym EGP, then a coat of Dodjuice hard candy wax.
All the glass was then cleaned with Gtechniq G4 nano polish to prepare for Gtechniq G1 3 coats on windscreen and one coat on sides and rear.
All the black trim then had a coat of Autofinesse Revive.
Exhausts were cleaned and polished with autosol.
Interior had a vacuum and all leather treated with Meguiars gold class leather cleaner, removed my weatherTech mats and fitted the carpet Mountune mats.
Not bad for nearly four years old and 46k miles




ClioSport Club Member
Clean! Seriously weird seeing them with non forge wheels.

my forged are the winter wheels but I had them refurbed in palladium grey as theFord satin black is crap paint and scratches if you breath on them


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  VRs 3.5/MX5 ND2 184
nice. bet that Mountune pipe wasn't cheap!? That airbox looks pretty funky too, is it stock?


ClioSport Club Member
id have thought the forged wheels would be summer wheels
They were but I have always preferd the magnetite wheel, and the forged are easier to clean in the winter.

nice. bet that Mountune pipe wasn't cheap!? That airbox looks pretty funky too, is it stock?

nothing from Mountune is cheap, think there about £300
the airbox is a standard part.

don’t know why all them other pictures ended up there,:D


ClioSport Trader
Absolutely fantastic wheel choice!!!
The forged ones are horrible, but the silver standard ones look a bit naff.
Anthracite standard ones are epic. Looks just like all the launch cars (y) :cool:
  '10 BMW E92 330d
Looks very clean! I love the colour (Slightly bias)!
Would love to own one of these one day in this spec.


ClioSport Club Member
I’ve gone for the Halfords Advanced 2t low entry, quick lift pedal, really good jack by all accounts unlike the normal shitty ones. But most importantly, it doesn’t make a racket when you drag it!
@Andy P the track car is already probably cleaner. Cleanest track car I've seen!

lol I’ve already started refreshing painted parts, roof vent, canards etc
I’m off work for at least 3 more weeks so it will get some attention in that time