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PH1 with black roof yip

well, the roof was damaged and needed painting anyway, and it was cheaper to have black than matched silver.

i think it looks great, the pictures on my phone however...... poo. I'll get some done on the weekend with my proper camera






i used the black wheels on the road and the tic tacs on track, not sure how s**t it will look with the track wheels and black roof.

i managed to burn the paint while stripping the tar off the inside of the roof, it looked as if the metalic in the paintwork had burnt brown, yuk + oops.

carbon bonnet would weigh more than the aluminuim bonnet though ;) the paint guy did suggest black bonnet and boot so who knows....
  e91 330d/type r mini
i really like that:)
i was going to remove the tar off of the inside of my roof but think i will leave well alone now unless you have any advice for getting it off without damaging the paint.
i had a really stubborn part and left the heatgun on the one spot for too long and on the hottest heat (550*c) it cooked it. ive done most of the other tar in the rear quarters and boot with no problems at all
a few more to mull over. my SLR camera has been borrowed by my sister so had to settle with an old one for tonight



Think the wheels could do with being same colour and maybe spraying handles and bump strips, as the tired grey looks odd.

anything else jez? ;) get on and finish your car lol.

tbf, they look tat because the roof is nice and clean and the car hasnt been washed for a while. when ive got some back to black on the black parts it will match more.

as said before, carbon bonnet is heavier than what i already have so that will never happen