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ph2 172 window switches in ph1 172

  Rb 182
iv got the new style drivers side and passenger side interior door pulls with window switches and they fit my phase 1 sweet, but the wiring is different for the elec window switches, anybody done a conversion on these or tried it themselves, they look so much better than the old ones! :(
Paint your silver (phase 1) items black, they'll look nice & won't look grubby like the silvers ones often do.
I've also heard that they can't be swapped between phases.
  Rb 182
what kinda paint shall i use though, i tried it before but they was really shiny and it looked really tacky . lol
Yep satin paint, prep them up well etc & they'll (hopefully) come out ok.

It's the coating on the silver ones that makes them go grubby, stripped down & repainted + lacquered up they look loads better.

I need to get mine sorted.