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PH2 Rear Lights On A Black PH1

  Mk6 Fiesta Zs
i've got black lights on mines atm n a think it looks alright, just they can be c***s at times. typical lexus light shite a suppose. kinda undecided on these =/ anyone got any pics? cheers in advance!
  Storm Grey 200
I PMd you this. Dunno if it showed in the PM tho.

Or maybe its cause the car isnt really very black in this photo. Here is it again

  Flame Red Delight
^ that thing is like a mirror :D that is a really sweet car mate

What my car is going to look like soon i hope :D


South East - Essex
ClioSport Area Rep
Yeah the badge got removed by a moron (me) without checking if it was stuck on first ! The sport badge was stuck on, well, half stuck on .. so i whipped that off .. went to take the Renault badge off and SNAP.


I have a new one to stick on now ;-)
  Flame Red Delight
there you go mate i have exactly the same car, soon to have a phase rear 172 bumper though :D



  Focus TDCi
Lol that could well be the back of my car Callum.. ph2 rear lights and Dynamique spoiler.

Was so tempted to polish up my ph1 lights and put them back on, but think the ph2s do still look better.


First day owning it, was a bit of a state.