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Photo competition - January 2011


South East - Essex
ClioSport Area Rep
Ok, so as there seems to be no one else starting one, I'm going to go for it ! Everyone seems a little depressed in one way or another at the moment, so how about:

Comp 1: January blues.

Entries close @ 23:59 31st Jan 2011.

Normal rules apply...

Go !


South East - Essex
ClioSport Area Rep
Interpret it any way you want !

Something that is blue (obviously lol) .. a really sad looking dog ? Something that sums up January ?

Use your imagination, old chap ;)

Mourners pay their respect to the first soldier killed of 2011, Private Joseva Vatubua of 5 Scots was killed on new years day whilst out on patrol in Afghanistan.
The memorial for Joseva was held at Canterbury Cathedral on Thursday the 13th January.

this is my entry, and to me sums up "January Blue's"


South East - Essex
ClioSport Area Rep
Good efforts so far boys (and no girls yet ?) .. nice random interpretations of the theme.

Crack on, the rest of you !!!



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  Megane 250

Not the most creative effort but sums up how skint I am this month...every year.

Oh...and it's blue.


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I was having a think about this thread, and wondered what people thought about the idea of the winning photo of each month being made into a calender for 2012? So the winner of January will be January 2012 etc..

Could be sold via CS, or just one of the people who reguarly go on the photography section could produce it upon request?

Just an idea..
Suppose I did, I at least wanted some sort of half arsed attempt to justify it!

I will try and get one before the end of the month.
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i couldnt find the rules in main photography section after reading op post it says a photo that shows blue january,
u win il delete it
  "Navy" N17 TWO
Tigger ! Where have you been man ?

Nice idea with the calender...!

Any more takers for this month ??


Oh you know me... bouncing around like a lunatic ;)

Been busy mate - not been on here much over the past few weeks with work/photos/youth work