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photo request: 17's on a 1*2

  Golf GTI PP Mk7
can look good, the 17" turnis look ok i some instances.

its not the chavvyness as such, its that the wheels simply look too big for the car, it doesnt look right imo.

plus is midly detrimental to the handling, not a great deal, but enough to notice.
  mk 2 172
just used the search button, not keen now doesnt look right like u say. and affects the handling so its a no lol

sorry mods please delete
  "Navy" N17 TWO
  CLIO172, BMW3, 3061.
before i had a 172, i had the 1.2 "expression" lol, I put chrome 17" wolfrace matis on it. Probably one of the cheapest chomes out there lol. But they did look good. I just wish i still had a pic :(
  St rollin on Borbet
here some of my old clio on dare x1's lowered 30 mm


  • DSC00116.JPG
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  "Navy" N17 TWO
tigger you seem to of changed my mind! looking good with them style wheels. is that lowered?

As far as I can remember it was lowered on Sportlines - looks even better in the flesh and the owner said it made no difference to the comfort or handling, as long as the rubber is decent on them :)