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Photoshop fun........

  1.8 Civic EX

Ok so im very new to the wonder that is Adobe Photoshop, see below for before and after pics of what I have done. I think it looks quality, If only I had the money to do it to the actuall car! Anyway, thought itd be interesting to see what you guys would do to my before pic, so if your bored and wanna show of your skills feel free to abuse my pic.

just kidding, try these ones..............
  1.8 Civic EX

Yeah fair point. Just a little advise.....try not to hit lamp-posts with your wing mirror as it tends to rip them off!! :p

I got the cover for it just aint sprayed it yet, hasnt really been the right weather for spraying car parts the past few days.:(
  1.8 Civic EX

Quality! Nicee one Levo. I clearly have some way to go before I can do things like that!! Thats going on my desktop :D

The standard has been set.......anyone that has a lot of time on thier hands??? lets see what you can do!
  1.8 Civic EX

Cheers Clart only thing is I think it only looks good as everything else has been smoothed too. Might look a bit odd if just the bumper was done but the badge and brows were still unsmoothed. Still well impressed with Levos handy work..........