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Photoshop request please

  BG 182 FF
Hey just wondering if someone could have a quick look at this and do a bit of photoshopping on my mates car, he's thinking about joining the forum and would like to see what can be done on here.

Heres some pictures and he would like to see what the car looked like with Champion white on the sidestrips, both renault badges, wingmirriors, the bullet in black with white letters, the clio badge on the back to also be champion white and then the rims to be gloss black if thats possible.

Thanks in advance guys!

I'll get him to join asap ;)


tbh the 'shops you want would be difficult enough if you had provided high res images. Dont think many people will do these for you, especially as that sounds like a lot of black clios on here, lol.
  BG 182 FF
Ah alright guys, was a bit of a rush jobbie ten mins ago in the car park lol.
If anyone can link something similar or make up something similar from a better 1.2 pic that would be much appreciated!
  BG 182 FF
Yeahhh sorry about the s**t pics lads.
Cheers for them pics 'theduck' Exactly what he's after front-end wise.