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Photoshop request!!

  Clio 1.2 16v
hey sorry i didnt know where else to put this request and this seemed the best place without pissing people off lol

i had a go myself but im f**king s**t. just wondering if you could put the rims white the side strip white and the wing mirror cover if u can see any of it white also oh and the door handle. I hope the picture is good enough quality, if not then just say fo haha, cheers
  E46 325ci, ZX10r E9f
as you asked


as you asked and lowered


wheels, mirror and lowered


wheels and lowered


but imho don't think the wheels suit the car, you need multi spoked to hide the rear drums
  Clio 1.2 16v
thats brilliant cheers mate id love to know how to do that lol, cheers for lowering it aswell i didnt even know that was possible haha just as well ive just orderd some eibach sportlines!!! i keep thinking about changing the wheels but i dont know what to :S, cheers again felleh