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  White Sti Hatch
Can some one photoshop my car so its lowered and slap on a set of Alloys....

These alloys if possible...cant find the High gloss balck ones :( unless some one else could......

  RS Meg 175
search for pictures of Saner's car mate he has the same colour as you and his is the badgers nadgers!
I would say colour code it, slam it on coilovers, get some silver alloys (turnini's?) and maybe a 172 rear bumper?
would look tight
  White Sti Hatch
You aint got a link to a pic of his car mate i cant seem to find one....

Well im looking into getting Uprated Shocks and Springs so i can lower the car and then a set of the BK's above but this style in 15 or 16" still unsire...
  White Sti Hatch
Even though thats the car before i did stuff ( Tints, exhaust bout it lol ne way looks cooler )
It would look pritty sweet low with those rims...or is it just me ?
  Vectra :(
Personally i think it would look good slammed on 14/15" steelies!

Maybe its a. Late and b. just me tho
  White Sti Hatch
Ive always love the Bk333 ever since i seen them kinda got my heart set on a set now lol but i dont no weather to Buy the shocks and s**t and wait till i get the money for rims then fit it all....