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  Focius ST
been pretty bored recently installed photoshop again tonight and thought id have a play with car on photoshop as i havent had a goo for ages



previous virtual car effort from a few years ago when first getting photoshop

porshce front end on a 350z
  clio 200
only pics ive got are these, someone had a go earlier but it wasnt lowered
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  clio 200
both look gr8 m8, red might be a bit different

cheers for the photoshops m8, also made me think about turinis
  Burg 172-Charge Ti Duster
Im still miffed how to lower a car properly on photoshop. Select the whole body and drop it that way? or clone tool the wheels up into the arches?

How did you do it mate?
  Silver 172
looks awesome mate.. seems as though renaults really suit red wheels. Thinking of red truinis for my 172