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Pic of my 172 when it was clean.....

  320d M Sport

F3ck you Joe!

Cmon, why aint it working?


ps-you do realise well have to settle this ongoing...........banter?????;)

Paddy, youve got the dreaded ".JPG" extension - you need to change it to ".jpg" (lower case), then tap your heels together three times whilst saying "Theres no place like home"

Then it might work... ;)

OB1 says that hosting service not allow link to service .. damn bugger sh*t.. is the error message..

send dem images to"> .. and I will pull ya outa the sh*t again lol !!
  2005 Audi A3 3.2 Quattro

Paddy...try giving a link to a html file with the jpg displaying on that cos when one goes straight to the image, lycos takes you to some other page