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Pick up Cup tomorrow

Any tips for when I pick up my new cup tomorrow.

Are there any decent car mats available for it?

Still need to decide whether I run it in or thrash it from the word go

Im itching to run it against my P1 to see whether it will keep up. Would be nice to shock a few of the local scooby brigade.

Help please!


Ive had my Clio Cup for a week now, congratulations on choosing a great car!

I recently sold an Integrale Evo and the Clio feels almost as fast and im still running it in (which doesnt really take that long its only 625 miles under 3,500 revs)

About the mats, i couldnt be bothered to hunt around (it was pissing down when the car arrived) so i just got plain grey clio ones from renault. They were £28, are fitted and do the job. If you find any flash looking ones let me know!

Enjoy yourself 2moro!


Change the orange indicators, cut the dopey roof ariel down to the top of the thin flexible wiry bit, fit philips silver visions and check the tyre pressures - ta da - so much better!

Enjoy (PS - itll not keep up with the P1, itll not be far behind, but dont expect miracles!)

Getting excited now.

Updated my profile this afternoon.

Reckon am gonna go for the clear side repeaters. Ive read on this forum you can pick them up from Halfords. Are they easy to fit - even for a novice like myself?

Will ask the dealer about some tasty mats and let you know.

keeping up with 747s - thatll be me tomorrow then ;)
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

LOL @ Dannyboy.

Yerr I had a Mig 21 off the lights the other day, Completely toasted it then I hit second and it was a dot in the mirror ;)