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Picking Up my new Cup tomorrow

So is there anything I should know? I know the salesman will tell me most things but you never know.........

Is there a running in period?

Anything else?

Cant wait!!!


Because it makes the cars faster in the long run. I dont know the science of it - just what I hear on these boards!

Id rather be safe than sorry. Do whatever your dealer advises, unless cup owners think otherwise?

  Scirocco GT TSi DSG

Ben H - What evidence do you have that cars that are thrashed from day one are faster, when the power stats of Clios varies so much anyway? I looked after mine (well mostly) for the first 625 miles and my car has managed to see off CTR, Skoda RS, Audi S3, Many BMWs, Cooper S, MG ZR 160, to name a few.

You should stay below 3500rpm for the first 625miles, oil change between 1000 and 1500 miles is also good.

Congrats, hope you enjoy your car as much as I enjoy mine.

I would certainly run it in properly! I kept it below 3500 for the first 625 and then worked it up the the red line over the next 625, now it is fine. You could nail it from day one and assuming you keep it 2-3 years probably have no problems, but if you do it is possible to read ecus to see if they have been run in... You can do the 625 miles in a weekend easily ;) I dont thnk it makes any difference in the long term speed wise, look at all the decent car mags, EVO etc, they ALWAYS run their cars in and they have a lot of car experience.

Also, the running in period allows the whole car to settle, suspension etc which is good. Mine had to go back to have a knock on the suspension looked at and is going back in again next week to have some other niggles looked at. You dont want to give an excuse for renault to get out of potential warrenty claims!

Aside form that youll love it, I still managed to get the back twitching at 2500 revs on a tight wet roundabout...


I wouldnt/didnt. My running in means not taking it on track or rolling road for a minimum of 1k miles. And thats it. Car goes like stink. Brilliant.
  320d M Sport

leathered mine from day 1.... so far so good! can keep up with Jon (2 Live) Williams and he does 1/4 mile in 14.8.