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Pics of a 1*2 on Sportlines with 15" wheels?

  Ph2 Clio 172
As above, anyone got any pics?

Thinking of this setup to allow me to use my car on track and have some fun without worrying about tyre costs or breaking the bank with mods.

  b/g 182, meg tourer
im trying on a mates 2118's on sunday and im on sportlines. i will try to get some pics up sunday evening.
  205 GTI, Clio 182

  09 astra 1.6 T
Mine sits a bit high as it's been stripped but here you go...


are you actually on the wall there? do you like roll up and let the wall stop you? lol
i park near enough against a wall when i'm at my gf's grandmas so no-one can get in my boot but i wouldnt do it facing fowards lol