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Pics of Modded 106 GTi - Opinions

  Revels Mum & Sister

Mate has just Kinda got his 106 Gti back from the bodyshop. Needs to go back for some bits that need redoing. But here are some pictures. 1 from the front, side and the effect on the paint. Was resprayed with a pearl! Front and rear bumpers were chopped and extended, front and rear were smoothed and debaged.

Leave some opinions guys. Ta
  Revels Mum & Sister

Come on guys 17 Views and No response. Someone leave some comments what they think of it!!
  TT 225

I like it. That pearl is gorgeous ! I like the subtle modifieds these days a whole lot more than the all out jap or whatever trend comes next

Er OK... Not my thing, I think it looks to Max power!

The 106 looks better in standard trim and I dont like the colour.


I find it so hard to believe people think cars look better in standard form.. Maybe Im on the wrong forum or something. :confused:

I find it so hard to believe people think cars look better in standard form.. Maybe Im on the wrong forum or something

Thats what makes forums interesting, diverse opinion. Im probably older than the target audience for such a car! :) Its just not my thing, I prefer the standard look and any modding to be stealth modding.

  Revels Mum & Sister

Twit. It is a standard colour with a Pearl in it (Makes it seem lighter. Is complete standard trim. Skirts, Bumpers, Everything. Below is a picture of the front before the work as well. So you are saying that it is MAx power in standard form???

I think it is suttle and looks the bollox. Dont think it looks max power at all!!! Below is a piccy of it standard to compare with


ClioSport Club Member
  E90 LCI 330d

Well, not what I would have done (or did) with mine...

Personally I prefer the Pug badge left on the bonnet, as they look too plain without. The original colour (Indigo Blue) is also one of my favourite Pug colours, so Id have left that alone too. Not a fan of his wheels either, but that is a very personal thing & each to their own. Do like the bumpers though, they look good, without being OTT.

This is what I did to mine >>>

Not much, but enough for my liking. :D

I think you should tell your mate to get the Morette twin lights (as above), as they make the front end look a lot more aggressive and would suit his mods. Would finish the car off a treat.

Quote: Originally posted by Twit on 20 February 2003

Thats what makes forums interesting, diverse opinion.

Yes, youre right. :)

I wasnt aiming my comment directly at you, just at the forum as a whole. Weve had a lot of modded cars posted up lately, and the majority have had the same opinion "its been spoilt".


I agree with Rich-D the badge makes a big difference. I prefer Rich-Ds of the two. It is modern but maintains the original look.

And, no I dont think the 106 looks Max Power in standard form, I much prefer the standard form when compared to the original posting! Im all for debate though!

  Revels Mum & Sister

If you were to see it in the flesh you may change your stance a bit. Doesnt really do it justice. I think it looks good without the front badge. His does look good though. Like the wheels

Twin Headlights were thought about but decided not to after all. Wasnt keen them.

Thanks for the comments guys. All were good including twit. Although I totally DISAGREE with the max power comment. Have you seen some of the sh*t in Max power? This looks far better.

Come on guys want more!

Yea, I prefer no badge too.

My car looks LOADS better in real life than in photos.. most cars I think (apart from some which really do picture well) need to be seen.

  Revels Mum & Sister

I do agree but each to there own I guess. Next time theres a rolling road meet. Will probably be going and he wants to come along to take piccys for a uni project.

So will get to see it in the flesh anyone who is going to be there.
  Revels Mum & Sister

Down near Bournemouth and Taunton mate. Only bout an Hour from Bournemouth and 20 mins from Taunton. Place called Yeovil.

About 20-30 mins from K-TEC mate if that helps. What bout you??
  Revels Mum & Sister

Well a decent Install is going in as he works for Liquid ICE as well mate. So if you are at any shows this year, may well be there. More than likely. Along with a 306 GTi-6, Cav GSi, and my 16V if I get my arse in gear!!!

was in nottingham a few weeks back visiting GF brother go up there quite a bit!!
  Revels Mum & Sister

Does look very dull in that light but it isnt. very deep gloss finish!

Not to keen in the yellow. But yeah yellow is a smart colour!!!

Everyone comments on the colour. Whats about the smoothing and Bumper. Havent got a rear view piccy that looks good. Completely smoothed as well. Well massive Pug lock gone!!, Extended bumper, Plus custom Stainless backbox that fits perfectly in the bottom gap made for it!!