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pics of my car resprayed

Sorry to be a party pooper......

but, there looks to be bloom on the 1st n 2nd shots ???.

is that just the jpeg compression.. ???

especialy the tailgate on the 2nd shot ?

is that how it looks ?

  Williams 2, STi N12

Very nice..I reckon that I prefer the smooth bonnet than my Willy one!

Might get a bit hot under there but hey whats new!!

Good Job.


  Shiny red R32

Looks gorgeous Juss, what colour is it, who did it for you and how much does a respray like that cost? (If you dont mind me asking).

Mate it looks mint.

Please tell me what you had to do to get those 17s on. I notice youve got 16v front arches, but what about the back have you had them rolled?

Also what offset/tyres are you running?

  Clio Gtt

the respray only cost me 500 notes that includes door shuts, i might be able to sort out some sort of cliosport discount cos it was a mate who done it.
the coulouris a bit custom really its a cgrysler pt cruiser coulour without the special laquer. it changes in different light from red to bronzey orange.
the 17s where easy even when i had normal arches you just need a slightly dirrerent offset and the new falken at first i did not even do any arch work but i have no just to be safe and i want it a bit lower at te front. tyres which te sidewalls slope.
i done all the body work myself.
p.s what is a bloom
  Clio Gtt

oh yeah BEN P i will check the next time i take the wheels of what offset they are and ill get the model number of the tyres for you

Juss I be very intereseted in that respary. I want the same sort of effect. Please can you email me at with all the detials location etc. Ps are you coming to the southend met??
  Clio Gtt

well i wantto speak to jas to see if i could help out, be sort of an area rep. i could organise a group respray, he he
the place i got it done at is only a small place with two people workin tere.
  Clio Gtt

that would look a bit silly gr lol.
ill speak to the guys at the garage see what i can sort out. it took three days to be rubbed down primed and sprayed.