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pics of my cars:)

  H22A7 Accord Type R

your plate is well smart on the motor!! got to ask tho, whats happened / happening to the williams?
  mk2 172

its being refurbed and turned into a monster, money permitting of course, you odnt know how much f**king about has gone into trying to get that lump out, me and 2 live got a bit enthusiastic with a screwdriver trying to get the driveshaft pin out and snpped it off. i was under the car for ages yesterday with a blowtorch, hammer,drill and screwdriver trying to get it out and ended up with a couple of blunt drills:mad:
  H22A7 Accord Type R

lol, so the vts is ur run-about???? LOL............give us a shot ;) like reading the stories the sax makes...........n the video clips......good work mate!Rob


  Shiny red R32

Your car looks great Craggy but your number plate is looking a bit "cagy"!!

  mk2 172

yes mate vts is my run about lol so is the van. you want a shot at the vts? your on mate, these 1.2s seem to be making a lot more than book power cos they can keep up with evos etc lol, or so are friend twofastfor you would have you believe!
  mk2 172

he he gr, your only happy with plates that cost a bomb and say it word perferct! im a poor man and cant afford them (dont think it exists anyway!)

dust - tyres are good all round and cheap i think. can reccomend them as a package, last quite good too...........well they would i suppose:D
  H22A7 Accord Type R

if they keep up with evos etc.........howecome my mate dissapeared into the horizon around 80mph ish from me in his viperd VTR??? lol! long live the driving the vtr......ill let u kno what i think of ya vts eh lol! cheers,. Rob
  H22A7 Accord Type R

craggy, u got any plans for the vts at all???? or u like it being the standardised butcherisation machine??
  clio 20v

ur willys had a circumsision mate, its got no front end lol

think the sax could do with a spot of lowering still lookin a bit off-roader
  mk2 172

its staying standard mate, although i have got dreams:), intercolloed supercharger, coilovers, speedline 2116 i think they are in black, four pots, green sealed air induction, stainless manifold, magnex, the list is endless. but if i spend it on saxo i cant spend it on the clio:(

the 14" alloys looked better IMO.....

but still think its a quality hatch......

And your willy.....what you doing to it....trying to get the motor out?

total plan?
  mk2 172

ben, williams plan is:-


wilwood 4pots

steering rack

engine re-build hopefully with tbs


engine mounts



roll cage and bucket seats

gonna take a very long time but im in no rush, and yeah am trying to empty the engine bay. made a mess of one thing tho and its cost me big time tho.

Quote: Originally posted by Craggy on 26 February 2003

ben, williams plan is:-


wilwood 4pots:D

steering rack:eek:

engine re-build hopefully with tbs:devilish: YUM!


engine mounts of

re-spray i need one.....but they are so much!

lowered Ideas on suspension?

roll cage and bucket seats nice.

gonna take a very long time but im in no rush, and yeah am trying to empty the engine bay. made a mess of one thing tho and its cost me big time tho.
Whats gone wrong in the bay? which side DS cant you get out? On my fexxy teh stub axle snapped off and i had to use a crowbar.....they very good leverage. But when we were buying it, i was covered in oil and standing at teh crowbar/long screwdriver section weighing them had 2 people watching me thinking i was a thug or gonna steal...haha
  mk2 172

i want the avo coilovers that jon has just bought , can get them for 440 quid. the engine is about ten minutes work away from coming out but there is a pin that goes through the driveshafts on the drivers side, we tried getting it out with a screwdriver cos we never had the right size punch, result in screwdriver beinh lodged in so tight, to make it worse i snapped driver off yesterday trying to hit it out and its now lodged in ther worse. tried to drill all the sh*t out but its just eating drill bits. dont know what to do:(

Yeah, ditto....had to do that when changing clutch. I had the older 2 peice pin in teh sun wheel. Took a fair bit of hitting with a fabricated tool (old tungsten carbide stem).

ANyway, the newer ones are single peice wound bits, they are far easier.....good luck mate..

Thought of leda? really really are the dogs!!!

forgot to mention the car was ona curb and jacked onthe curb so it was sitting at about 45 deg.....and a BIG BIG
  mk2 172

yeah cheers mate, gonna go to a tool shop and see if i can get something heavy duty enough. will check leda out, heard good things before

  320d M Sport

Lookin good neil my son, ill race the williams in that condition (might win then!). Top number plate btw, almost as good as P44DYS.......;)

Quote: Originally posted by Craggy on 26 February 2003

williams plan is:- hmm... mine for valver is very similar ;)

gearbox - I have already funny, with short 1& 2nd and longer 4&5th ;) very good - the possibility of this "town cruise surprise" in low gears, and good feeling when on longer route. Dont know what to do to stregthen it.. :(

wilwood 4pots - as You can read in other topic it caught my interest too... maybe if You give me some time (to rob a bank) Well buy together (and have nicer price? )

steering rack - ?

engine re-build hopefully with tbs - YYEEESS baby! thats the way to do it ;) heehee

clutch - what are You going for - cerametallic? I think I will stay with stronger than normal organic plate with stiffer springs.

engine mounts - Do You know the trick with fitting R19 front engine mount?

re-spray - because of the accident I;m having it resprayed.

lowered - Custom setup and bulit Bilstein with H&R proved to be really superb combo.

roll cage and bucket seats - buckets yes.

gonna take a very long time - me too :(
  mk2 172

hi there maciek, i already have a new box sat in the garage so thats not a problem:), gonna go with standard clutch too as mine took a regular puonding and held well, hoping it will cope with power. want a re-spray to re-juvnate more than anything and prolong life. especially while its stripped down. the steernig rack is knackered so i need a new un. tell me more about this reno 19? im gonna buy a uprated dob jobbie mount(thats not scottish for dog sh*t lol). desperately want the calpiers as im used to nearly crashing through overworking oe brakes. paddy it will fly like that, leave the exhaust off, what a noise he he he

Crag - Ill let You know about the front mount

- My friend, who races a valver has done it. Ill investigate...
He said its standard R19 frount mount, and that its almost 2 sec. to do...