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Pics of my new car (56k Beware)

Well i got another car! I was in search of a good RT with no arch rust etc. Some of you may not believe in getting a pre modded car, but i just saw this and really liked the look of it. Still got a few plans of my own, clear side repeaters, colour coded side rubbing strips and when i have money some angel eye headlights.

As some of you might have seen the car features in some of the pics my friend (clio-16-valver) posted for his car. Going for slightly arty interesting angles.
  500bhp Scoob

i like it mate :) think the backend needs finishing off with perhaps a 16v spoiler.

thanks for them bumpstrips u sent me, have started working on them already :D

Hey mole, thats cool, glad u got them allright.

Dont think im going to put a spoiler on it, like it sort of smooth from the roof. i had a nice spoiler on my last car which ive just sold on ebay. Some how i liked my 5door with a spoiler, but prefur 3 door without, maybe that sounds wierd lol
  Skoda Fabia vRS

a valver spoiler would finish off the rear nicely, id try and get that exhaust moved a bit further forward, sticks out a bit too much for my likin

not a bad motor though
  LY 200

Nice car mate but id say bigger wheels and colour coding would go down a treat!!!

Best colour for an RT too!!!

Nice mate, i too would highly recommend a valver spoiler and some bigger rims, other then that it looks nice.

  377BHP Golf R 7.5

what size wheels are they mate? 15s?

and another thing, what rear bumper is that ? quite tidy i think!

  clio rsi turbo, phase 2

nice, whos is the other clio? what are those five spokes that are on it?? I WANT THESE WHEELS! lol