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Pioneer DEH-P70BT

  Clio 172mk2

just wondered how you rate this head unit, also how good it is with your fone, and finally has any one with a pioneer using the ipod adapter and what they think of it

  TT 225

Hi. I have this headunit. In comparison with the DEH-P77MP which I had previously, the fascia feels flimsy and plasticy, and i really hate that OEL display (which you can turn off thank god)

However, the sound quality has improved because of the additional settings I now have available.

The bluetooth function works well, although the person im calling cant hear me as well as I can them through the speakers etc.

I havent managed to transfer my phonebook to the headunit yet (but i havent really tried)

I dont have the ipod adaptor (mainly due to having an iRiver lol)
  Clio 172mk2

does any one leave the front pannel attached allt he time with these screws, or does every one take there front out with them
  Clio 182

Take the panel off every day of the week. They cant nick something that isnt there or some matey boy who cant afford to buy one himself will do it for you, buy not give a f**k about your interior while doing it ! Theifs !! Cut there f**king hands off lets see them do it again with blood pissing out there stumps !!