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Pioneer Stereo Fitting


I have just bought the new Pioneer Bluetooth Stereo. Will this fit straight into my renault clio 182 or will I have to buy some plug adaptors etc etc.

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I know i needed a ISO cable when i plugged my pioneer into my mk1 172.

A pain to get in as well with the extra wiring, required a bit of brute force :devilish:
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Pay to get it fitted.... are you mad?

Its an easy job to do, just give it ago and save yourself a few quid mate.

I will have a go myself then. I may need to buy a wiring converter though. Somebody said it will go straight in without the need for a DIN plug converter?

I dont know what i need. Will see when it arrives.



Djw John

Scotland - South
ClioSport Area Rep

It shouldnt need any new wires. It is a bit of a pain cos of teh extra wires but just be patient and itll be fine, clio dashes are tight!


It should be ok to fit then apart from the extra microphone wire for the Bluetooth functionality. I will have to run this neat and tidy as I hate visable wires.

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my 80MP was a nightmare to fit, even with the top of the dashboard off. Reason being, the amount of wires - and this unit is supposed to make installation easy (the RCA outputs actually disconnect, etc etc). Having said that, my 7400mp and 7500mp were both easy to fit.
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Just make sure you have the right tools to take the existing stereo out, you can buy them from halfords for a few quid. And once youve done it youll wonder why the idea even crossed you mind to pay to get it fitted.


I have the correct tools. Just worried about the microphone that comes with it. Not actually seen it yet so dont know what its like or where its supposed to go!!!