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Pixmania 5% off EVERYTHING - 3 day only

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that is true...although I have found when you go to actually pay it works it out a lot better than it shows.

I'd imagine it looses them some business!
I'd avoid pixmania like the plague. The products they sell you are non uk products... My brother bought a printer and i bought a digi cam from these lot. both times i have to swap out the power as its the non-uk cable version they have sent out.

My brothers printer was entirely in french. good job we can download the manual from the Epson website..

Yes they may be cheap.. but their CS is absolutely shocking!


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  FF Jeden Osiem Dwa
Nothing wrong with Pixmania imo . As stated they are non UK products so my camcorder actually came with a 2 year warranty as standard instead of a 1 year warranty which UK products come with as standard . Plus it arrived within 48 hours :)