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Play in steering, getting progressively worse

  PH1 172 - 182 RB
I've recently replaced

Tie rods
Trackrod Ends
Ball Joints

But there's still play in my steering, under hard acceleration it follows the contours in the road and heavy braking feels unstable. Also a good inch of play moving the steering wheel before the wheels move. Its been getting worse for some time now, so I replaced the parts listed, the ball joints made a difference as these where shot. But the tie rods and trackrod ends which I was expecting to be the problem made no difference. Any help would be great!
  182 ff
if you have not had the tracking/alignment done,go to a specialist(not kwik fit), they will do a read out for you.. they may check your steering rack bushes, and give you any advice.. maybe tell you what the problem is..