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Please help me im an amature...

  182 RB FF

On my way home from work and had the esp light, abs light and serv light on. Stoped the car and turned ignition off then restarted and the light was gone. Thought maybe it was Brake Fluid or something so got home and had a look Can't find it but whilst looking found this...

What do I do now?? Take it to Renault?? Is this coverd under warrenty??

Where is the Brake Fluid?? lol
  106 GTi
Common fault on here with regards to the broken ECU bracket, warrenty job.

Brake fluid is at the back of the engine bay, engine over needs removing to get to it.
  182 RB FF
Cheers Rich, Can't believe im going back to Renault again! 3 times now in about 2months now...first not their fault though.