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Please help - Wheel spacers

I recently fitted 15s to my clio with 195/45 tyres

on standard suspension the fronts catch on full lock on the inside edge. (So when the steering wheel is turned fully to the right, the front passenger wheel will catch and vice versa)

Its not too bad but I am about to lower my car by 55mm and this is only going to increase the problem, so:

I want to fit wheel spacers. The offset of my alloys is et38mm and I was thinking 3mm spacers. Will this be enough or should I go for 5mm?

If I space the front wheels by 3mm will I also need to space the back ones the same even though they dont catch, in order to keep everything balanced?

Finally will I need longer wheel studs with 3 mm spacers or will the standard ones suffice?

Cheers for any help/experiences

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3mm spacers will be fine with standard nuts I spaced my wheels out 3mm. BUT any more and it gets expensive because you have to start buying hub concentric wheel spacers, (although being a engineer I made my own. ;)) longer wheel nuts and longer locking nuts, not cheap!!!

If you want 3mm ones you can have my old ones.


Wheel spacers put undesigned load on suspension components, wheel bearings are likely to break after a period of time. Being an engineer you should know better!
  190 BHP Willy 2

LOL @ Rob

The stresses and strains are a lot less then you think mate, especially if your only going 3-5mms. getting different manufacturers tyres gives you a bigger margin for error than that. I had 7mm spacers on for 18months and never had any trouble.

Hub concentric spacers:-

You locate the wheel on the hub before you bolt it up, so pushing the wheels out you will lose this lip meaning you have no way of locating your wheel and ensuring they are running true. You have to re-create this lip so a spacer is put in place with a new lip, ensuring the wheel is in the correct place and running true. Only really needed if you go more than 3mm.


are spacers really safe tho? not sure id take kindly to a high speed corners knowing my wheels are bolted to a ally spacer! what effects do they have on handling?! if any?



Audi had this problem with the s2 coupe

it had spacers to accomdate the larger wheels but they were huge!! (7mm+)

so some had a tendancy to snap the wheel bots and lose a wheel or two at once!!!

Ok but surely 3mm isnt going to make that much difference?

I suppose I could have the centres of the wheels machined out by 3mm but would rather not. Probably cost a lot more as well

I think I will lower it first, see how bad it is and then maybe fit spacers
  190 BHP Willy 2

3mm wont make any difference, trust me.

As for m/cing your wheels then youll just end up back where you started. Scrubbing out. If anything you want material put on.


It improves handling for the simple fact you have a wider track. Admittedly if you space wheels out silly amounts you can feel a slight flex but were talking 10mm plus there.

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Ben P as long as it dont cost me to send them you can have them. Where abouts are you based?

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You should see the conversations me and Colin_S have had about wheels spacers, as both of us are having some made for are Wide Arch Clios......... what a nightmare!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Enlighten us as to what has been said.

How much you paying if you dont mind me asking and what spec are the spacers your having made?


Im in Solihull West Mids mate.

If you find out what postage is (and assuming its lees than the price of a new set of spacers) I can send you the money.


  Clio 182, OctaviaVRS

big hp............ where do i start???

Heres the description of what im getting anyway and theyre costing roughly £280.... OUCH!!!

Front x 2, 78mm, Going from 4x100 PCD to 5x100 PCD, M12x1.25 Thread to be taped, Top Hub Centric 56.1mm, Bottom Hub Centric 60.1mm, Bolt Taper as 45 Degree

Rear x 2, 92mm, Going from 4x100 PCD to 5x100 PCD, M12x1.25 Thread to be taped, Top Hub Centric 56.1mm, Bottom Hub Centric 60.1mm, Bolt Taper as 45 Degree
  Clio 182, OctaviaVRS

Yes theyre being made as we speak!!

Colin_S has already got his - and hes got pics of them! Remember that my car is a lot wider then a standard clio, or even the F2 kitted one that Colin is building - hence the 92mm rear spacer!! Plus im having them made for Scooby rims so they have to be a good 5mm or so bigger as the offsets are +42 or something like that!