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please tell my why renault are so inept

ok so ive had alot of problems with my car, but i havent moaned too much to renault. i was going on holiday for 14 days so i dropped it in to get things sorted, i gave them a list of 5 things to sort.

so i come back to get my car after my holiday. they fixed an oil leak which they caused after replacing a faulty oil pump. and removed a small screw which kept rattling in my boot.

however they left out the seal round the windscreen and the condenstation in the light. and they also didnt repair a dent caused by some w@nk in asda cos their body shop was full.

luckily it was my dad picking up the car, cos i wouldnt have accepted it.

im going back up the day and im really close to losing it.

Seems some Renault dealers aint so hot on after sales service, all the ones round here seem pretty spot on, had couple of problems and they sorted them under warranty no problem...