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Polariser lens filter... thingy.


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So I got one, just to have a play really! £12 off Amazon delivered for a Hama one. These are the only shots I've taken since putting it on, just having a play about really! Both cars were covered in that dust/sand that everyones been having fun with lately.


Dad's Scirocco. Dirty. by Jason.Easton, on Flickr


Dixon's Golf, dirty. by Jason.Easton, on Flickr

Just been tweeking it to play with reflections and that. What else can I do with it? Any cool tricks? I'd love some tips and tricks on it.


ClioSport Club Member
These are a must for automotive photography, It takes a lot of the reflections out of the car and makes the colours look really deep, it also gets rid of the relections in the windscreen so that you can see the interior. Another nice effect is that it makes headlights look like they have a rainbow effect to them.

I always take the time to turn the filter to find where it best polarises the car before taking the shot.

Liking the shots btw :)
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Like all things Matt you get what you pay for. If your not too fussed on image quality then theres no harm really.


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Is it worth getting a cheap one or not bothering?

I have a cheap one, and I mean cheap, got it off ebay about a year ago it was only £5 or something, and its fine, does a good job.

It Gets results like this


MX-5 by Niall97, on Flickr

Note how deep the red looks, and the shine has been removed from the windscreen.
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Seems like a decent thing to have.
I'd always thought one that would give any decent results would be expensive, but seems not!


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Polarisors cut out horizontal light.. so sun glare etc are effectively deleted hence why you can see thru the screen as it is isn't there.

Useful in landscapes and automotive on sunny days.

Also sunglasses which are polarised are better when driving or fishing!
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Whats the difference between a 55mm filter and a 78? For example? Is it the thickness of the glass or the circumference of the lens?

Matt W

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Splashed out on a £39 one yesterday. I can see it being extremely well used!


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I think I got my Hoya one from Jessops, as they were cheapest at the time. Prices have probably changed since then though.
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i went into Jessops yesterday to get myself one.... they informed me they were out of stock of their own brand and it was now discontinued....

Guy searched the system and advised he could get me the next one up... at a nice price of £79!!!

In the end ordered one off amazon.. cant wait to try it out at TOTB this weekend :)