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  PH2 Flamer
Hi am picking up my flame red 172 this Sunday, just wondering what the best polish and wax for this colour? Normally
I use poor boys black haze and natty paste wax. But these are for dark coloured cars.



I think most polish/waxes will go really well with your colour of car! Red is a crackin' colour when clean!

I use all the autoglym products and the super resin polish along with ultra deep shine works really well, then topped off with the HD wax.

Brings my car up looking awesome!
  PH2 Flamer
Thanks for the replies. Yeah I thought the wax would be ok to use. Just wasn't sure on the black haze as its for dark coloured cars, and compared to the Audi being Ming blue, it's not that dark. I also have auto glym SRP and meguires
Polish. But both I find aren't quite as good as the poor boys stuff. It's do easy to work with.

The car is in immaculate condition, not
A single scratch, dent or stone chip. Getting it from Steve (rsports).

What about a dodo juice orange crush wax? Or supernatural?

  PH2 Flamer
Yeah no recaros, but they can be purchased at some point. It is still a very nice car. Will be replacing the dash trim and steering wheel though (for a new sabelt one) as its all worn and faded.