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My heater suddenly started to smell today....all musty & yuck. Even the air con smells stale too. Would it need re-gassing? Or has anyone else had something like this. Took a mate out lunchtime & I swear they thought it was me that smelt like an old tramp...

The aircon on my dads Volvo got to the same stage. Its to do with baceria and other nasties that like the damp environment I understand. Could also be to do with seals drying out if you dont use the air-con unit enough.

Mind you, my dads car does have over 110k on the clock!!!

Yeah, but this is when the heaters on, not just the aircon?? Buggered if I know, think I will ring the trusty garage morrow.... How can I be expected to pull with my car smelling like that??? Jeez.

Thanks though Ben x

BenHs bacteria suggestion seems reasonable. Set the climate control to the max temp for 15 min. The hot air would kill all the bacteria, if there is any.

I had this on my previous car which had A/C. You need to change the pollen/recirculation filter. Setting the temp to max wont fix the problem as the air is heated after the filter.

ok, call me a dumb brunette, I rang the garage & all it is is the heating aint been on for a couple of months so got stale, just keep it on for half hour & it cleared!! I will let you know tomorrow if it worked!!