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Poor Connection?

  Punto/Clio GTT
hey, im on a wireless connection upstairs. last 2 days my connection has been droppin to 1Mbps and sometimes just disconnecting completely. how do i check if someones using my wireless even though its locked im sure and any ideas to boost my signal or whatever needs doing?

  Punto/Clio GTT
yea. i have to repair it when i lose conn, renews ip etc. im averagin a low signal at 11mbps :( i used to get 52 i think
i had this problem at my dads house.... sometimes it would work... and others it just wouldnt... but i couldnt be arsed messin about fixin it, so just went and sat downstairs with laptop lol :X
  UR 197, AB 182 FF
Can you see any other AP SSIDs when you scan? Could be that somebody else has their router set on the same broadcast channel as yours, killing yours (and theirs) connection.
  Punto/Clio GTT
some days ill get 36 mbps, bt last few days its just dropped 10 v low, tried adjusting the ariel. would it be better to run a cble downstairs and connect them via ethernet (?) n get rid of the wireless?
  UR 197, AB 182 FF
FM-AVA-696 said:
just mine comes up in the list

I guess your wireless card could be stuffed in your laptop. what are you using? a card? a usb dongle? in built?
  UR 197, AB 182 FF
Could be the card I guess. those Belkin pci cards get really hot and if you've had it on for a long time you could just be burning it out.
could be the antenna, they just unscrew.. could be something you've put in the way of it. Wifi is unrelibale at best and useless at worst.

I'd be grateful for the 1mb...
  Punto/Clio GTT
comfort me. tell me i can wrap the antenna in kitchen foil and it'll boost the signal. tell me, its ok final, it aint a bad wireless system, cmon mike, tell me i aint wasted 35 quid, tell me everythings going to be ok
got any cordless phones recently? or anything thats wireless related? If so, change the channel your router broadcasts on. Ive seen many circumstances where phones have been distorting the wireless signal.

If youve not, it could be your neighbours have got something new that uses wireless, phones etc. which could be intefearing. Try a different channel and you might be in luck...
Go to Login ( If Dont work tell me your router name/model and i will get the right link )

Look around foor 'Attached devices'
and it should come up with some thing like this ( Shows ALL People connected to ur wireless router )
(Don't play with any settings in this Its the router configuraion )


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