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Poor MPG

Ive tried replacing the Pre Cat lambda as it was faulty (codes on ecu), Coil pack and plugs (misfiring like the TA) all over the course of the last month. Its just had a service on Wednesday. MPG is floating around 29 at the moment. Ive not done the Leads as the fooking thing is costing me an arm and a leg, so not had much free cash.

My old 172 cups used to give more to the gallon, say 34-35mpg, driving the same way in same conditions.

any ideas on what else i can try, apart from the leads. Im going to do the TDC aswell as it doesnt always fire up first turn.


197 are notorious for having worse mpg than the older 172/182.
My friends 197 got 28 when I was getting 33 on the same journey, its probably fine..


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did the service do the plugs and air filter? if not i'd change those
Sorry I failed to tell you this is regarding my 172 not the 197.

The service done the air filter, I did the plugs 3 weeks ago.
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Any issues with the water temp sensor?

Temp gauge staying in the same place?

The thermostat went on my 172 and I've heard of a few water temp sensors going which affects the mpg.
cheers Dan. I had the water temp sensor issue on my last cup, so i've been keeping an eye on the gauge every time i drive. pissing thing!
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No probs.

Thermostat was pretty cheap <£20 iirc and easy to change, worth a try.

Mine use to drop when coasting off the gas, but only slightly.

Find a hill too find out maybe :)

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As dan said. I cleaned my temp sensor and i also cleaned my TDC Sensor (the one just above the gearbox) and my car is loads better on fuel.
TDC was cleaned on Saturday. It had a new one last year, the old 'black' one though. Might try the temp sensor as it's cheap.
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my 182 is doing about 27.7 mile per gallon should it be doing more??
it didnt even go hight on the motorway after driving for 30 miles stuck at 70.
is this about rite or this a problem???

the car has done 27k
had first servive at 12 k
then second at 26k
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