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porsche wheels...

  renault clio 1.2 16V
i may get slated for this but here goes..

will porsche alloys fit on a 2001 mk2 ph2 renault clio? if not can i get adapters to make them fit?

also what are your opinions on this, do they look good?
Look on here for a guy called h4ml3t he has merc wheels, he's done it through adaptors, if these Porsche wheels are 4x100 they will fit if anything else adaptors will be needed.

I'm guessing most Porsche's are 5x130?

You'll also need sort spigot rings or the adaptors need to have the right centre bore most are 71.5mm :)
  350z GT
Not sure on this, i always thought they suited smoothed barges more like Boras

looking forward to seeing it though :)
  renault clio 1.2 16V
im not 100% on doing it yet i want to see what everyone's views on it are, if people like the idea then i will definitely give it a go aha
  350z GT
Could work i think if you had the stance right and the overall theme of the car....

wouldnt work on a fast road style imo
  Petrol Blue 182.
you will need 4x100 to 5x130 PCD adapters





^^^^ They could look good with low pro's on!!

That Clio with the Merc wheels on looks epic... So unique!!

IMO I'd go for these Porsche wheels rather than the last ones further up the thread.

Look forward to seeing it done if you decide to do so :)
  UR R26R.5, VW Golf R

i was thinking something like that, clean them up a bit and low profile tyres and possibly paint them a different colour.
and seeing as its a 1.2 its not really going to be going :p

Decent option then. Great price too. Just factor in the spacers (if needbe) and hub adapters. Jobs a good un. Obviously going away from standard setup could and probably will affect the structural integrity of the suspension but shouldn't bother it too much if you're not going mad.
  Petrol Blue 182.
Personally I think 17's may be too big, depends how low your looking at going?
Theres loads of various porshce wheels, Cookie Cutters (mine) Teledials, D90's.

alot of the older porsches (944, 928 etc) had the smaller wheels (15")

You've also got to think about wheels rubbing due to offsets etc, dont forget the spacers are about 30mm thick!

get yourself on clubpolo mate, all the polo boys use these adapters as polos are 4x100 aswell. you will need the centers bored out to 60.1mm to fit the clio.
any engineers can do this I paid £20 to have mine done.

and yeah that was my car. miss it masivley, also had 944 porshce seats in it too!
  Petrol Blue 182.
maybe slightly, I think the D90s are ok as they don't really have a dish.

you would need the center of the adapters bored out, VW center bore is 57.something renault is 60.1.

apart from that they'll go right on.
  Petrol Blue 182.
Nope, Center bore is 60.1

not a bad price either tbh, I paid that for a used set, they were FK's though
  UR R26R.5, VW Golf R
I am seriously considering a set of those D90 alloys. There seems to be a few on Ebay too.


Would I need arch work done as well as the hub adapters?
  Petrol Blue 182.
depends on the offset + the width of the adapter scutch.

basically my cookies fitted but only with camber bolts (I say camber bolts it was two washers on the stib axle)

there was alot of rubbing, but as said the cookies had a dish on them, may be different for the flat faced D90s.

I'm sure some ones had D90s on before
  Petrol Blue 182.
theres a little bit of poke there, I could see some rubbing happening depending on how low your car is.
  UR R26R.5, VW Golf R
theres a little bit of poke there, I could see some rubbing happening depending on how low your car is.

It's as low as it is in the pic above. I think the alloys above are 8" rears whereas the ones in the eBay ad were 6" on front and 7" rears.