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Possible Probs with Import 172`s

  evo x rs

At the weekend when I went had the test drive in the cup, I was having quite a chat with the salesman.

He told me that UK dealers had just found out a possible long term problem with import 172s. Im not sure if he meant all, but he said That import 172s have only one cat box/pipe which comes from the engine and all UK dealer supplied cars have two.

Which of course I already knew mine had two cause I had compared it with Rhys 172 at the Ladybower meet and he only had the one.

Now the problem will arise when all the imported 172s have their first MOT, cause the single cat wont allow the imported 172 to pass due to emissions. To have a the UK double CAT fitted on an imported car will cost £1000.

Just thought Id post this it will be interesting to found out whether there is any truth in the matter.
  Renault Laguna Coupe

Utter b*llox I should think! Hes just trying to get you to buy one from his garage! All cars have to pass type approval , and imports all have a certificate. If it passes type approval it will pass the MOT.

Also Forest, yours is a mk1, is Rhys a mk2 ? I think that explains why they are different. I think the mk2 has a single cat and the mk1 has double ? Or am I talking crap ?
  Renault Laguna Coupe

I think youre right Tony. All Mk2s are the same - they all have to conform to the same Euro emission regs - why would they make a special one just for the UK?
  evo x rs

You see I thought it was all mk2s that had the single pipe and mk1s had the double. Thats what me and Rhys discussed or the other mk2 that was there.

Telford he wasnt trying to sell me a car I already have one, why would I change?????

Itd be interesting to see how many pipes a UK supplied has, or maybe Rhys or the other lads was a UK supplied.

But the bloke swears blind that a Import wont pass the UK emissions, due to its CAT.

Well I have a UK mk2 so if you tell me an easy way to check (without getting wet) with the car on the ground Ill go out and take a peek.
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

Forest I agree with Mike, mine has a UK confirmity certificate so that is boll0x what your are being told mate, they has to confirm to UK standards.

Well...when mine and ak_uks mk2 172s (both imported i believe, mine certainly) nick hill noticed that mine had the single cat and arjuns had double.

Cant see it being a problem



Utter b*ll*x! Theyre all made in the same factory and I cant see Renault making a special exhaust just for the UK market!!

Like ChavyBoys, mine has a Certificate of Conformity
  Audi S3

they Put the steering wheel on the other side of the car just for the uk market!

(just my small input)


Im sat in my office with the Product Manager of Renaultsport showing him how enthusiastic the UK owners are and he fell off his chair laughing about 2 exhausts

Wow, Mathew, I didnt think they had paralleled the cats.. hmmm, I was presuming series...

that would seem to indicate the possibility of a restriction, probably not from new, but Accumulative...
  Clio 1.6 16V


Have you noticed any difference in performance with the twin CAT fitted. Would be interesting to see the comparison in RR figures with two standard cars using both exhaust variants. This may prove your theory Captain Slarty about any possible restrictions?

funny that i was on the way to the norther clio rolling road when the origianl cat fell off meaning i never got to run at the same time as everyone else, re performance cant really tell any difference and its difficult to say as the car has got faster as the miles have gone on. 1 thing to note is the dual cat is about £800 and the single one about £400

and that could actually be the red herring in the equation lol..

we HAVE to consdier that the dealer (who gets paid from Reno for warranty work....) wants to make the most dosh. It is likely that the twin cat is not only more expensive, but the profit margin is greater..

so, if they fit the twin, they make more dosh...

it may well be of no consequence in the great scheme of things..

Just a few more quid in their pocket...

but , then again....... until PROVEN... ??? ;)


Hiya M8, so Im a little lost (as usual LOL), would a parralel twin CAT be better than a single for restriction or the other way round or why?. This has got even me thinking (hard work I know)

BTW although I had a bit of a go, it was meant as a "moderator" not of course a real one, then Im not that real anyway!!!!!

Good to see lots of +ve stuff from everyone



No Probs Mark dood...... :D didnt give it a second thought..

as for the parallel and series, yes, theorietically it would make a restrictive difference depending on the flow rates of the cat(s)

with 2 cats in series (one after the other) the flow rate is, at the most, the lesser of the 2 devices.

with Parallell cats, the gas a a 50 50 chance of going down either, only half the gasflow cfm will flow through any cat, so the cat can be far less of a restriction, from my fluid dynamics days, it should indicate that a doublng in size of the oraface or inlet diameter, the flow potential should increase 16 times... (one is assuming that the cat material core resistance is the same as I cannot see them altering that, just the physical amount of it....)


I have an imported 172 mk2, Ill get the first MOT done by the supplying dealer..... if it fails on the cat they can " bit my arse" !

OMG what happended to mathews exhaust ! You said it rotted off and I believe you ! it looks (looked) a mess. I thought the exhaust was full stainless from the factory ? What happened ?
  Renaultsport Clio 200 Cup

Dont forgrt sjd172, thats 3 years off...! ;)

Chances are youll have had it replaced by then anyway eh?!