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post your york RWYB times

  mk2 172

this is how it goes guys

me 15.0

nick & john 14.8

tim 14.5

dave 16.1

trev m was mid 15,s i think

cant remember many more

what i do know is iv got some very good scalps today, tomcat turbo twice (even after he upped the boost for the second run), reno 5 turbo, took a 2.0 16v nova all the way, raced a scooby sti5 type r three times and to be honest after hed launched off a few lengths he wasnt pullin away by much. theres some excellent times up there and cant wait for the next time, for which ill be takin out my back seats and gettin my rev counter fixed.
  mk2 172

ah yeah, that nova was totally stripped out, all plastics included, just a seat, it had air induction too, dont know what else.......

Oh we pulled of a great Sunny Day too

Rich ran better 15.6 I think and Stu got 15.2 (again I think)

Yorks the place to be for 1/4 miling peeps
  mk2 172

i think the times today on the whole were very good, a lot of people had different cicumstances, ie bigger wheels, no interior/full interior, ice, leather and whatever else but were doin well.


I would have thought that it would take alot more than 8bhp to get 14.5?

I know the launch control helps though

Im sure hes had it RR at 187bhp or something like that
  mk2 172

and as for some other "fast" cars, i do believe we were doin better than the likes of an escort cossie just

nah... Mathew,

an estimated 2650 lbs with 165 bhp gives a max poss of 14.90

add 8 bhp, and the theoretical goes down to 14.47...

after that its exponential


I had a great day. On the second run Ive ever done, i got 15.195 (just to be precise!!), bit of a fluke, as i mainly ran high 15s. Good fun though.

Had a very good day. And a massive turn out for the Clios! I think we completely out numbered every other type of car there!

My best run 15.639 although I had a very close run with that R5 turbo which I think was even quicker. Problem was the spanners didnt print the time for that one

Nice one chaps...

Whens the next one?

Had a very good day. And a massive turn out for the Clios! I think we completely out numbered every other type of car there!

My best run 15.639 although I had a very close run with that R5 turbo which I think was even quicker. Problem was the spanners didnt print the time for that one

Nice one chaps...

Whens the next one?
  williams and trophy

well what a fukkin fantastic turnout for the clios........well done all of ya....spesh nick with the distance travelled . nice 1 mate
well yes as u can see ben red16s time has finally gone....nick pulled an impressive 14.808 with the gas(lent to him by some v. kind mini owner i believe) then went again soon after to me with a 14.800 (the 0.008 does make a dif eh nick lol)
trev m managed to crack the 15 sec barrier and ran a 14.9**
dave ran a top time of 16.1 excellent for a standard valver
teh vipered 172 made a good 14.5 or 6
think nearly evryone broke their own personal best times which is a good sign lol
the guy in trev m s old black valver was starting to get his times down too
i think the sheer no. of us made the other makes (drivers) finally sit up n take notice
des have a look on yorks website and get ur results from there mate
trev m has ur mate in the evo lived down his humbling by of all things a reliant kitten????
lol how much grief is he gunna get for that??? lol
altho it was fukkin fast
sorry for the essay and if ive missed anyone out
ps nick see u in october mate lol
hooked again lol
  172 & LCR

Cheers to all the people who turned out great day had by all me thinks as Jon said my best time was 14.9 well happy with that as standard bar the backbox and running 17s and the plus to my best time it was against my m8 in his MR2 Turbo and he beat me by .1 of a second mst of my runs where mid 15s my old 16V ran a 15.7 best hope to see you all again soon.
  williams and trophy

craggy mate did u end up running again after that????
bit of near same car n mods seems to bring out the best in my 1/4 times lol nice 1 mate
and i dint even have to try to beat nicks stunning 1*.062 run against me....... the less said about that the better mate eh??? lol
i wont mention it if u dont he he
see u all next time
  172 & LCR

What happened to Tim Os motor it gave up half way down the strip with some strange noise, hope its ok Tim.
  williams and trophy

yeah trev mate i saw that too.....racin the scooby i think it was ........ he went home soon after not looking happy ....... hope evrything ok with it cos its looking to be 1 fast car
am i right that u did break 15???
  mk2 172

and jon, id like to think a bit of healthy competion spurred you on for your personal best, glad i could help!

Had a bit of trouble with second gear, sorted now though, after that I gave up, best of 14.5 @ 94.26. It shows that bolt on stuff can really work, my first run ever a year ago was 15.054 with racelgoic. Then it ran 14.703 with viper, chip and backbox. Now with decat 14.5. That is pretty quick, I think for an outlay of approx £500ish, Captain Slarty what do you use for your calculations? I have a piece of software called Cartest if you are interested, it simply doesnt use horspower weight and terminal speed it takes into consideration, hundreds of factors including drag coefficnet etc.
Tim O
  BMW 320d Sport

OK quick run-down, firstly cheers to everyone there today, made my first proper trip up North a great day.

Special thanks to Craggy for putting me up for the night, it was slim pickings around Doncaster Saturday night, thoroughly caned a VTS but no-one else wanted to have it around the town! BTW Anyone who doesnt believe Craggys kill stories of motors hes caned, believe it now, Ive ridden in a lot of different Clios and his is well quick, it pulls like a train in every gear. Definitely as quick on the road, if not quicker, than a 172. I suspect undocumented head and cam work by a previous owner, from the outright pace of the thing plus the heatwrapped manifold and slightly lumpy idle.

Jon just about said it all in his post above, was top notch to finally meet my arch quarter mile rival in person even if he did do me by 8/1000 of a second just after Id dumped Bens previous record and thought my 14.808 couldnt be beaten ...that is one strong motor Jon, genuinely quick. Tims 172 was a real stormer, 14.5 something, with just a Viper hooked up to a forward-facing ram (looks like it does work after all then Joe) and a few other basics. Next time Im leaving all the interior at home, plus running on 20psi 15" steelies, and *this time* Ill make sure Ive got a full bottle of gas and not run out after 1 run!!!

BTW Joe, I dont claim it runs 250bhp, 200+ is what I say and thats only cos people always keep asking. Regardless of outright power, you need a shedload of *something* to pull sub 15s and seeing as the majority of 172s cant crack into the 14s I must be seeing 200 or thereabouts. I went up against a Scooby 2 door import which was packing at least 280bhp and that had only a length and a half on me at the line, the geezer werent no novice either. He did 13.8, I did exactly a second more. Even with a full-on 250bhp you dont see 5GTTs running 12s with ease and those GTT 1/4 milers are built just for full-on sprints, short boxes and harcore transmissions, usually running 200-250bhp tops and 13s are the order of the day, not 12s. Dont wanna make excuses but you gotta remember Joe, I havent got a lump that you can just floor it and go. It takes a lot of setting up to get the jetting and ignition r****d spot on. Plus the bottle doesnt always push the same pressure on a hot 30c day its fine, but on a day like today, I was only running 750 psi tops - it basically almost halves the power Ive got available. Also Im losing a hell of a lot between the engine and the road - running on a Willy box with a longer final drive, plus the unsprung weight of the big and heavy 18s.

My plan is next time to run 15s on the front with a full tank of gas, heated to the correct temp with a reptile tank mat (!), interior stripped properly. Im confident I can do low 14s or high 13s on that setup.

Craggy - yep it was the white one. I had him on the start - then he pulled ahead about half way down the strip. I was gaining on him towards the end though but he was a car length in front. It felt like my fastest run of the day.

Jon - checked out the website, they dont have the results on at the mo but Ill keep checkin. How cool is that? Type in your race No and the website gives you your results for the day! Just checked mine from 23rd June - they were sh1te! Good to see Ive made a big improvement today. Cant wait till the next time - I might shave another 0.5 of a second off!

Oh, by the way, just thought id say - if youve never done this b4 - get your arse up/down to the next drag meet n/r you. How much fun is it???


Nick m8.

there were virtualy standard 172s pulling high 14,s / low 15s.

your car is also lighter.

with 250 you could certainly run in the high 12s low 13s.

Its simply a matter of comparative results. If you know what the best run is std, you can calculate the apx power needed for reducing times - and it will be damn near accurate.

as a rough scaler

2500 lbs @150 bhp ET=14.9
2500 lbs @160 bhp ET=14.56
2500 lbs @170 bhp ET=14.27
2500 lbs @180 bhp ET=14.0
2500 lbs @190 bhp ET=13.75
2500 lbs @200 bhp ET=13.52
2500 lbs @210 bhp ET=13.3
2500 lbs @220 bhp ET=13.1
2500 lbs @230 bhp ET=12.9
2500 lbs @240 bhp ET=12.75
2500 lbs @250 bhp ET=12.55

I think it would be best to have it RRd without gas, and then with.

There shouldnt be any reason you cant floor it immediately ??.. I thought you were using a progressive ?.. and the 18s certainly aint helping.. the bottle warmer is a good idea too.

Something is certainly not right m8.

oh, btw, the only time I will ever believe a gtturbo is running 250 bhp .. is when I have seen the printout on a RR that I can trust LOL... it is possible yes, but not very likely in street trim.