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post your york RWYB times

  BMW 320d Sport

Will do Joe. Its just gonna be figuring out how to wire the nitrous system to override the solenoid pulsing once it gets to full power.
  BMW 320d Sport

Cheers Stu, got the snaps!

OK everyone who was there on Sunday, email me at

I need to know - Who you are, what car and brief mods, reg number(so I can caption any pictures that we put with the report), best and worst times with terminal speeds.

  Corsa 1.3 CDTI


I was there,

Mods inslude :-

16v back seats, Nitrous tank, 10" sub and ruck sack.

1/4 in 0 secs

terminal speed 0mph


Hi Nick,

that shoulnt be a problem.

the simplest way is to use a single pole change over relay.

The power, I presume, is fed to the pulsoid and the progressive will ground the other side of the pulsoid every time it outputs a PWM pulse ??.

So, if one side of the pulsoid is connected to 12v and the other to the progressive, you disconnect this from the progressive, feed the output of the pulsoid into the common of the single pole change over relay, then the normally closed output from the relay goes to the progressive, the normally open goes to ground.

when you apply 12v to the relay, the progressive is disconnected and the pulsoid is grounded - full on 100 % duty cycle.. when 12v is removed from this relay, the progressive is back in circuit applying pwm pulses again.

the relay drive 12v is fired from a micro on the throttle pedal.

there ya go..

drop me a mail if you want a circuit drawing.


oooooops, sorry, you said you needed it when it got to ful power..

ok, mail me the details of how you wire up the pulsoids and also the setup for the progressive.

  BMW 320d Sport

joe whats your email. Ill send you a circuit diagram of how Ive got it wired up at the moment, then you have a crack at it to see how I could override the pulsing on full power. It shouldnt be too much of a brain strain, I just havent got round to looking at the circuit yet.

Looks like a certain red valver has to come back in october to make a decent time and retain its crown eh

Ya never know it might just turn up n have a go!!
  BMW 320d Sport

Wooohooo! I thought youd disappeared or something Ben! Shame we couldnt meet up again at York. Im seriously thinking of coming for the end of season RWYB at York in October. And Ive got serious plans to run low 14s / maybe even high 13s; so you better start stripping that interior mate...


looks like i might have to! gotta get my clio back on the road first, the gearbox has been away for repair for weeks and weks now, but i should have it back for the weekend, fingers crossed anyway!

Then ill have to make the clio faster in some way, so i can start competing again!
  BMW 320d Sport

Joe already knows about it, but for anyone else whos been follwing the thread here about my missing power; Ive found it. Wiring problem when I rewired the system to run the progressive controller - and because I dont know anyone else with nitrous and a controller, I didnt know that there was a problem! Anyway the pulsing of the nitrous delivery was not right, it should have been a lot smoother and delivering a lot more gas and fuel, it turned out that the full throttle microswitch that activates the controller was bouncing on full throttle. So in other words when you floored it the switch would fire the nitrous briefly, then shut down all control, then fire again etc. Fixed the switch and its pulling like a train. Also adjusted the aim of the nitrous/fuel injector for a better mix.

I reckon with my setup exactly as it was at York, I could now pull low 14s easily. With the other mods Ive got in mind, 13s should be possible next time out. Lets hope that carbon airbox arrives in time!

Nick.. I really do think you will drop seconds of the time m8 !!.

glad ya got it sorted..

Should run like a dream now... just remember to hang on to the damn steering wheel when the gas gets going lol

  BMW 320d Sport

I might go for some testing out on my private facility later on tonight. You reckon that fancy program of yours can predict 1/4 mile ETs from 0-100 or Autocar style 30-70 through the gears?

theres a local road to me thats straight and flat direct from some traffic lights, so a few months ago while out on my bike i used the cycle computer to measure a 1/4 mile and noted the sign post that was level with the 1/4 mile. just never got round to timing my car on it.
  BMW 320d Sport

I posted a message about it mate! It was a definite new record Mat. Those of you at York wont believe this but I ran out of gas on the first run again!

As soon as I got back from York last week I went and got the bottle filled up but Ive been doing so many test runs at night that I didnt realise Id caned almost the whole bottle. By the time I got to Santa Pod, I only managed one run and did a frankly shocking 15.5 @76mph. Very good time for a standard or standardish 16v. But a crap time for mine especially as I was running on 15s today. Couldnt work it out until I tried caning the gas on the way home and kept losing pressure - ie the bottle was empty and instead of liquid nitrous I just had vapour!

Mat - you remember I had to get the bottle warmed up? Even though the temp on the side of the bottle was showing 30 degrees, the pressure was only 800psi? It wasnt the bottle that needed warming, it was a sign that there was virtually no gas left. The timing ticket confirms it, the start was a bit slower than usual but not bad, but once I hit the 1/8 of a mile it really started to slow down and go back to my engines normal response - this must have been when the gas ran out!

Never mind, York here I come!


ClioSport Club Member
  E90 LCI 330d


Wondered where the hell this had cropped up from... ;)

My best times are:

Clio Cup - 14.5secs @ 93mph
306 Rallye - 14.8secs @ 92mph
Civic Type-R - 14.5secs @ 97mph