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Power Boost valve of a chip

  Clio 1.8 16v

which 1 would you say i should get as this is my next mod!n e ideas on how much they will cost and how much BHP i would get from then cheers

a power boost valve (Rising rate reg) will give you a grand total of ZILCH power increase..

a chip.. well, it MAY give you 1-2 bhp mid range that you would never notice..

If you have had cams and engine work, then maybe either could help, but on a std unit.. save yer dosh.

  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

As Joe has said on a standard unit both are a waste of money, but if you have had an induction system, cam work and a straight through exhaust a PBV may help if the car is being under fueled.

damn straight dood lol..

please note though.. that this doesnt apply to later mk1 172s and all mak2 172s as they use a single rail fuel feed with reg in the tanks and a PBV cannot be added..


Sorry to disagree again joe.... but went on the rolling road with the following mods
Cat back exhaust
induction kit in custom box
and a PBV
The car made 113bhp at the wheels then they adjusted the pbv and it made 119bhp at the wheels.
So it did gain a fair bit.

A chip that makes you rev higher would be better than a PBV in my opinion. The 16v pulls all the way to the red line so should pull past it.

  Skoda Fabia vRS

what mods have you got at the moment wkdlad ?

if you got your exhaust an filter sorted get down to Hill Power for a chip

it definitely makes a difference

In a way i am. Coz i know what you mean by other mods to go with it. I thought the same before i got mine.
I thought it would only do something if the car was camed up. But i was wrong. I am sure it would do alot more if it was tho.
I recon if wongy got one it would make his car a bit quicker.
  Clio 1.8 16v

at the moment i just have a piper-x induction kit and a straight through exhaust{de-cat}so do you think i should get a chip then?
  Skoda Fabia vRS

definitely get the chip, without doubt it made by far the most difference to my car

If you have an IK and Zorst, then it is always worthwhile talking to NICK HILL.. forget super chips generic offerings..

Nick can, and will, taylor HIS chip to suit YOUR engine.. if extra fueling is needed, he can sort it.

Tony M8..

a lot of induction kits cause fueling to be weak at the top end (ecu relies on an internal fueling table only and this is optimised for power AND economy) the pbv, although pretty bloody crude I must add.. can add the fuel.. but the side effect to the extra power gained by a richer mixture is often increased fuel use over and above that actually needed.

  20VT Clio & 9-5 HOT

According to the previouse owner of my motor, and with rolling road graphs to prove it, a PBV gave approx 20bhp increase!

As I have had no other experience with these I have no idea how or why but im on the RR next week so ill let you know if its pushing out the same bhp as last time!

Pics of the graphs by request if anyone is interested...

  BMW 320d Sport

I wish theyd change the name of the PBV - its just an adjustable fuel pressure regulator - not so catchy I know but a lot more honest!

On a 16v some people report good gains with a PBV and others dont. This is because of the different states of tune that the 16vs run, including induction and exhaust work, head work etc.

I think if you wanna get serious with tuning a 1.8 16v lump you cant do without a PBV just to give you that adjustability with the air/fuel ratio that you need to get everything spot on. The ECU doesnt have enough control to tackle the fuelling on the edges of its a high flowing filter, rammed with air at 100mph+, at 6000-7000 revs. The injectors cannot control fuelling simply using a fixed fuel pressure and varying duration under these circumstances...the engine can be seen running lean and this *is* detectable on the road.

The most practical way to get round it is to raise the fuel pressure using a PBV (slightly) then reprogramme the chip to shorten the injector durations when the extra fuel isnt needed. Anyway, hopefully youll get the main point, that a PBV is something to consider once youve done a lot of external mods to the lump but you dont need it before.

Nope, keep the name lol !!!!!!!!!!!

it is , as I said, pretty crude,, it just ups the fueling pressure to the injectors leading to more fuel injected... WHENEVER the fuel pressure is increased...

Nick, ma man.. I thought YOU would have negated the crude global effect in favour of the mappable unit... ????

and, DONT get me started on ram-air LMAO !! .. later dood lol !!

Your right you only need more fule if your getting more air. But a induction kit wont give you so much more air that a pbv is needed.
  BMW 320d Sport

Good call Joe, but no, I need the adjustability - I like to make on-car adjustments and road test on a road, not rollers. I cant be driving around with a soldering iron plugged into the fag lighter every time I want to adjust the ECU and I cant afford a full Lumenition setup or Unichip. Plus with the nitrous on, I need something which can drastically alter the fuelling to cope with weird hot/cold conditions. Yes it is crude, but no cruder than the original regulator...the only difference is that you can adjust it. Plus I have fitted a have fuel pressure gauge in the side of the regulator...its always nice to have gauges *inside* the engine bay!